Teacher Resources

Teach agribusiness in your classroom.

Teacher Resources

Let AgChoice Farm Credit help you teach agribusiness in your classroom this year! No matter if you are teaching in-person classes, virtual classes or a hybrid, our resources can help you educate students on key concepts about:

  • Business management
  • Financial records
  • Growing a business
  • Transitioning to the next generation

Both AgBiz Basics and virtual classroom visits, described below, are FREE to Pennsylvania schools for the 2020-21 school year.

Ag Biz Basics – Free Online Learning Program 

Ag Biz Basics is a fast-paced online program that prepares students to work with a lender and gives them insight on how to position an agricultural business for success. The Ag Biz Basics teacher subscription provides access to four online modules and PDF versions of a workbook, glossary and quizzes (and quiz key). The subscription allows teachers to access the content through a single login and show modules in group setting to the class, virtually or in-person. Teachers have access to the program for the entire school year.

Virtual Classroom Visit – On-demand or Scheduled

Give your students exposure to industry professionals with AgChoice Farm Credit. Our staff welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge with your students. Topics covered include:

  • Personal Finance 101: A lesson in basic budgeting, the importance of a credit score and setting financial goals
  • Getting a Loan: A guide to helping students understand what is needed to get a loan

Watch the educational videos in our video library below. If you prefer a live webinar classroom visit, contact Raechel Sattazahn.  

Interested in participating in either program?

Contact Raechel Sattazahn, Knowledge Center Director, or 717-495-5075.

Video Library

Educational videos for use in your classroom. 

Continue to check back for additional videos to our library.