Realtors and Builders

Financing Your Clients’ Country Living Dreams

When you need a partner to finance your client’s farm, land, country homes with acreage, including construction, turn to the local experts at AgChoice Farm Credit. We understand the unique needs of rural properties. 

Need help marketing your properties? We offer customized property flyers.

Trying to help your clients understand the construction financing process? Our five step guide can help your clients plan. 


Rural Property is Our Specialty

Financing for land, country homes with acreage, timberland and more.


No Acreage Limits

No collateral issues here. Big or small, we see value in open acreage.


Long-Term Interest Rates

Affordable rates and flexible terms, customized to your needs.

Realtor and Auctioneer Partners

A local realtor and auctioneer share why they recommend AgChoice to their clients' for country property financing.