Do you want more power with your AgriLine® Revolving Credit Line? Adding a VISA™ Purchase Card to your wallet will help!

AgChoice Farm Credit is partnering with the VISA™ network to offer you a commercial Purchase Card. The Purchase Card is for customer-owners who already have or can acquire an AgriLine® Revolving Credit Line. Just use your AgChoice Farm Credit Purchase Card for farm or personal purchases and the balance will be transferred to your AgriLine® Revolving Credit Line account at the end of the billing cycle. The VISA™ Purchase Card is a convenient way to carry purchasing power around in your pocket.

Do I qualify for a Purchase Card?

The AgChoice Farm Credit Purchase Card is ideally suited for people who are constantly purchasing supplies off the farm or need to provide a valid method of payment to suppliers to obtain delivery in a timely fashion. It is especially convenient for farms who have several people who need to make purchases for the farm business (multiple family members or employees).

Simply contact us or contact your local branch to see how to obtain a Purchase Card of your own.

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