Say goodbye to the proverbial crystal ball. An AutoBorrow or AgSweep account spares you the daily task of estimating your cash position.

Through an electronic link between your AgChoice Farm Credit loan and your business checking account at Bank of America or Wachovia, AutoBorrow or AgSweep automatically transfers funds between these accounts as appropriate, ensuring that your money achieves its maximum return on any given day. 

AutoBorrow is the Bank of America affiliated program.

AgSweep is the Wachovia affiliated program.

AgChoice Farm Credit linked with these two banks because of their strong reputations of being the leaders in cash management systems and both systems can be managed on your farm over a secure internet banking link.

What can AutoBorrow or AgSweep do for you?

  • Save you time and money.
  • Accurately assess your cash position each day.
  • Initiate automatic transactions on a same-day basis for maximum precision.
  • Reduce your interest expense.
  • Eliminate expensive wire transfers.
  • Make your money work for you by investing idle funds.

The ideal candidate for a cash management program at AgChoice Farm Credit will have daily checking transactions, will have gross farm revenues of at least $3 million each year and is interested in the security that an advanced cash management system can provide to them.

For more information on AutoBorrow or AgSweep contact us or contact your local branch today.

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