Cumberland Valley Office

The rich farming area covered by this branch has led AgChoice Farm Credit to have a strong staff of experienced lenders who know agriculture and the associated agricultural lending needs. Cumberland, Franklin and Fulton counties are served by this branch's loan officers. They utilize their expertise in delivering farm loans and farm mortgages to the ag communities. Their personalized service also extends to those with needs for country home mortgages, rural home loans and land financing.

Regardless of the size of your farm, we can provide an equipment loan, a line of credit or an operating loan to help your farm run smoothly. Horse farms, part-time farms and hobby farms are effectively serviced by the Cumberland Valley lending staff. Buying land and building a home on it? Our home construction loan might be just what you need to get that dream house built and have a home mortgage tailored to your personal situation. No matter if you are in the Chambersburg, Carlisle or Mechanicsburg areas, or some other rural part of this four-county service area, we can come to your farm or home to meet with you and discuss your needs.