Beginning Farm Loans

Achieve Your Farming Dreams

Are you a young, beginning or small farmer searching for additional capital to establish your business? Do you want to boost your financial management literacy? We can help.

We know that starting a farm is a challenge. That's why we offer modified credit approval standards for young or beginning and small farmers. 


Eligible farmers may also receive up to a 0.25% interest rate reduction on new AgChoice loans, in addition to qualifying for other incentives including:

  • Up to $250 off loan origination fees for any loan 
  • Up to $500 off AgChoice recordkeeping and tax services
  • Up to $500 off AgChoice business consulting services
  • Up to $500 off an AgChoice appraisal, completed for a loan or a fee appraisal completed within two years of loan closing
  • AgChoice may pay the initial year fees incurred for an FSA or other governmental loan guarantee
  • Up to $250 educational reimbursement from AgChoice to pay for trainings, including AgBiz Masters, Ag Biz Basics or other outside trainings 

Do You Qualify?

  • Are you a young farmer? A farmer who is 35 years old or younger.
  • Are you a beginning and small farmer? A farmer with 10 years or less farming experience and whose annual gross agricultural sales are less than $250,000.

If you match either of these criteria, reside or farm within AgChoice territory and meet other eligibility requirements, you qualify. Full- and part-time farmers are eligible.

Educational Programs

AgBiz Masters

AgBiz Masters, a two-year learning series for young and beginning farmers teaching business and financial management skills. Each year, the program kicks off in November and runs through March. 

Learn About AgBiz Masters

Ag Biz Basics

Ag Biz Basics is a fast-paced online program to position your agricultural business for success. This hands-on program allows you to establish written goals and prepare your financial business documentation. Complete content in two hours with additional times on workbook applications including goal setting and financial statements. 

Learn About AgBiz Basics

Educational Reimbursement Program

You can defray costs associated with AgBiz Masters, AgBiz Basics or other industry educational programs up to $250. We'll review applications on a first-come, first-served basis each year.

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Five Tips for Young and Beginning Farmers

Whether you’re a first generation dairyman, farming in the evening after your day job, or working in the industry – here are five steps to kick start your business.

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