Financing for Layers, Pullets, Broilers or Breeders

Whether you want to expand your farming business or to begin an agricultural enterprise of layers, pullets, broilers or breeder chickens, our loan officers can tailor cash flow and financing arrangements to your project. In fact, some of our team members operate and manage their own poultry farms too.

Are you ready to plan a construction project? Download our 5 Steps to Prepare for an Integrator Barn guide.

A variety of loan packages are available for your poultry business.

  • Land purchases
  • Equipment purchases or leases
  • Buildings, including construction
  • Facility improvements or expansion
  • Livestock purchases
  • Operating needs

We also offer financial services that can help you build a stronger, more successful business.

The Wray Family

"We met with local banks and almost gave up hope on our dream. AgChoice was down to earth and willing to listen to us." Jonathan and Toni Wray, Mifflin County. Watch their poultry farm story.

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