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  • Tips for First Time Home Buyers

    April 10, 2019

    Featured Writer: Mandy Rhodes, AgChoice appraiser


    Home buying can be an emotional process. You find the place of your dreams, make an offer, wait to hear if it’s accepted, call your lender, gather all your information, wait to hear if you’re approved, wait to hear if the appraisal was high enough, wait to schedule closing, wait, wait, wait.  Having recently purchased a farm for the first time, I know the anxiety associated with this life changing event. Additionally, having worked for AgChoice Farm Credit for a little over five years, I can proudly say that we do our best to take the “wait” out of it.

    One way we can do that is to help and educate you as a potential homeowner so you are ready when the time comes. It is important to “have your ducks in a row” so that there is very little leg work done on your part; leave it up to us! We have the community and industry knowledge to know what will and won’t work for you; we’re here to help.

     The first step in the farm or home buying process is to know your limits. Work through your budget, review your spending, gather your last two years of tax returns, W-2’s and income statements, put together a balance sheet and attempt to pay-down any outstanding debt. Once you have all your information gathered, keep it in a file so it’s all in the same place, then contact us! An in-depth conversation with your loan officer can give you a good idea of approvability for your dream property

    After you have all your finances in order, the hard part is over. We may need some simple information along the way, like what insurance agent you use, but we will take the initiative to make contact with our industry partners so you don’t have to. Because AgChoice can offer you an in-house title company and attorney, in-house appraisers and in-house accounting and tax officers, we’ve got you covered. You can trust that we, at every level of the company, have the enthusiasm to see your loan through to the end. When you succeed, we succeed.

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