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  • Country Mouse Builds Dream Property

    December 07, 2018

    As told by Indiana County customer-owner Ray Bugay


    I think there’s two types of people: city mice and country mice, and I’m one of the country mice.

    We decided if we could live anywhere and work where we live, it would be in the forest near where I grew up in Indiana County.

    Our hearts were sold on a log home. Not many financial services companies finance log homes. We were really looking for something that did a lot of acreage, a barn and the log home, and all three of those came together with a construction loan from AgChoice Farm Credit.

    We met with a loan officer nearby. They looked at the property, they walked with us, they saw our business plan and research, and AgChoice Farm Credit delivered on what we needed to have happen.

    What really impressed us about AgChoice Farm Credit was the people. Typically, with a big lender and a big corporation, you’re really just a number on a sheet of paper, but the people at AgChoice Farm Credit actually live the type of dream that we were looking to do.

    When you talk to a loan officer and they have farm animals and a barn and horses, and they’ve seen everything and been everywhere, suddenly your project looks like just the sweet spot of what they want to do.

    We couldn’t be happier.


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