Field Notes Blog > Congratulations to this year's AgBiz Masters Graduates!

  • Congratulations to this year's AgBiz Masters Graduates!

    May 14, 2018

    AgBiz Masters, the nationally recognized, award-winning learning series for young and beginning farmers, is pleased to recognize 53 young and beginning farmers for successful completion of the two-year program this past spring.

    2018 AgBiz Masters graduates include:

    Garret Armstrong

    Melanie Bender

    Tom Bender

    Rylee Bucher

    Amanda Bush

    Kevin Bush

    Jake Carson

    Kim Carson

    Nicholas Casner

    Michael Chapin

    Steven Chapin

    Rebecca Claypoole

    Roy Claypoole

    Courtney Coddington

    Jeff Dible

    Ali Dziedzinski

    TJ Dziedzinski

    Eric Forgy

    Lane Forgy

    Adam Gress

    Adam Hornberger

    Katie Hornberger

    Barry Humbert

    Elizabeth Humbert

    Landon Jeffries

    Megan King

    Oliver King

    Matthew Kinsinger

    Maryann Kinsinger

    Jonas Lapp

    Grant Martin

    Jill Martin

    Jeremy Miller

    Dawn Peachey

    Tyler Peachey

    Lindsey Shapiro

    Charles Stoecker

    Weida Stoecker

    Amos Swarney

    James Thiele

    William Thiele

    Josh Weisel

    Leah Weisel

    Karen Vesper

    Lauren Walker

    Scott Walker

    Steven Whitney

    Joanna Winkler

    Raymond Wise

    Eldon Witmer

    David Witmer

    Krista Zimmerman

    Marvin Ray Zimmerman

    In its nine years in existence, AgBiz Masters has reached more than 1,200 participants, including 466 graduates of the program. The program is targeted at young and beginning farmers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia.

    AgBiz Masters delivers hands-on business and financial management training to young and beginning farmers through a blended learning approach. Participants complete five online modules and attend several in-person, regional sessions during each year of the two-year program.

    AgBiz Masters is offered by a network of agricultural organizations. To learn more about AgBiz Masters, visit Enrollment for the next class of AgBiz Masters will open on August 1, 2018 for the session that will be held November 201 through March 2019.

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