Rural Home Mortgages

If you're buying a home, the question of whether it's in the city, suburbs or country shouldn't make a difference in your choice of lender, right? Wrong!

The special nuances of rural real estate, such as different factors that can affect property valuations, may make a big difference in things like the attractiveness of the terms you are offered -- or even make the difference between a "Yes" or "No" decision! Many banks, for example, don't have expertise in appraising larger rural tracts, and may be restricted by such factors as limitations on acreage or on the type of structure (such as buildings, modular and some manufactured homes) that can qualify.

At AgChoice, our expertise in rural real estate enables us to avoid these limitations while offering competitive rates and flexible terms.

If you've been disappointed in what a conventional bank is telling you about your options for making your country dream home a reality, see how our rural finance specialists can put a smile back on your face. Or, better yet, make AgChoice your FIRST stop when shopping for a country mortgage!

Contact us or contact a local branch near you to see how we can help you with your rural home mortgage.