At AgChoice, we believe that part-time farmers represent a key piece of the future of agriculture in the United States. Why? One key reason is that part-time operators (Meaning those whose primary source of income is from a non-farm occupation) are now the majority of all farm operators. That means that, as a part-time farmer, you're every bit as much of a business operator as most other farmers.

The part-time farmers we know take their operations very seriously as businesses. Although you might often hear the term "hobby farmer" used, many view it as much more than a hobby and recognize the importance of running their farms in smart, strategic, business-savvy and sustainable ways. At AgChoice, we're committed to providing the knowledge, expertise and resources to help part-time farmers accomplish just that.

What should be the next step in your farm's growth? Is it time to upgrade equipment? Should you add more crops or livestock to your mix? What new opportunities -- and challenges -- lie on the horizon? These are examples of the many strategic business decisions you face as a part-time farmer. Our business consultants at AgChoice are here to help you make the choices that will drive your success.

Here are just a few examples of how AgChoice can help part-time and lifestyle farmers with our business support services:

Business Planning
Feasibility Studies
Employee Management
Management Development
Succession Planning
Risk Management
Knowledge Center

How can we help you better manage your part-time farm? Contact us or contact a local branch near you to talk to one of our expert business consultants today to learn more about how we can tailor a mix of services to your needs. Visit our Business Management Services and Knowledge Center pages for more detailed information on these services.

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