SmartStart Program - Stimulating Success with Young or Beginning & Small Farmers

SmartStartLogo.pngJoining or beginning a farming operation can be challenging. At AgChoice Farm Credit, we understand that the needs of young or beginning and small farmers are unique. Limited experience and financial resources will often turn lenders away, but AgChoice wants to work with farmers to cultivate a strong future for their businesses and the agriculture industry as a whole.

Let AgChoice help you take a step in the right direction with our SmartStart program. SmartStart allows young or beginning and small farmers to earn SmartStart credits for completion of educational workshops. The credits add up to a reduced interest rate on a new AgChoice loan.

You are eligible for SmartStart if you live in AgChoice's territory and fit one of the criteria below:

  • A young farmer. A borrower who is 35 years old or younger.
  • A beginning and small farmer. A borrower with 10 years or less farming experience and whose annual gross agricultural sales total less than $250,000.

Sign up today and begin earning SmartStart credits and taking advantage of the other special incentives available to you.

The Basics About SmartStart
How Do You Get Started in SmartStart?
Earn SmartStart Credits Through AgBiz Masters
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"It's great that AgChoice looks out for young and beginning farmers. The reduced interest rate is a big help, especially when starting up a new operation."

Ryan and Jennifer Clark