Dairy Team

AgChoice Farm Credit has an extensive team of lenders who specialize in carefully piecing together dairy expansion projects. Members consult with the farm owners and farm management to work out the issues and risks of a new venture. They ensure that no unexpected problems arise during the project.

AgChoice Farm Credit's team of dairy lenders understands day-to-day management of dairy operations, the latest techniques and technology, standard operating procedures and dairy benchmark information. They are an added-value resource, focusing all of their time on developing the most effective financial management needs and strategies for dairy customers. Their individual knowledge and overall expertise as a dairy team is a unique offering available to AgChoice customers.

Our Dairy Team of loan officers spends extensive time:

  • Updating their knowledge of milk market trends and production/processing economics worldwide.
  • Developing a better understanding of the leading ideas in milk production on the farm.
  • Maintaining an understanding of trends in dairy cow health, nutrition and genetics.
  • Understanding what best practices in human resources management are recommending.
  • Determining the overall financial health and direction of the dairy industry so better loan packages can be offered.
  • Identifying the best methods to work with dairy farms going through difficult times or a major transition.

If you're ready to experience a highly innovative team of dairy lenders with forward thinking approaches to the dairy industry, contact us or contact your local branch to talk to a Dairy Team loan officer in your area.