Winery Benchmark Program

AgChoice Farm Credit, in cooperation with neighboring Farm Credit Associations, delivers a benchmarking program for wineries in our service area.

Participate in the benchmark to discover:

  • What is your most profitable wine?
  • How do your labor costs compare with other wineries?
  • How does your profitability compare with other wineries?
  • Where can you improve your margins?

Your data is collected and pooled with data from other wineries in the region. You receive a summary of your winery's performance against the benchmark of all participants, while data confidentiality is maintained at all times. When you can compare income, cost, margin and efficiency measurements with others in the benchmark, you can see where you excel and where your improvement opportunities are. This is crucial information to help your business survive and thrive.

The Winery Benchmark Program can be the most significant investment that you make in your winery this year. It only takes a small investment to cover the cost of the service. Contact us today to get more information and to sign up for this profit enhancement service.