Dairy Profit Analyzer

Dairy producers not only need to make good decisions, they also need to make those decisions on a timely basis. Milk prices and input costs are always on the move, making it difficult to consistently make decisions that provide the right impact on profits.

AgChoice offers "Dairy Profit Analyzer" to help you track up-to-date production and financial performance throughout the year, and make timely decisions to improve performance.

By participating you will:

  • Review information from bookkeeping software that summarizes critical details.
  • Find ease in the quick and easy annual budgeting.
  • Compare year-to-date progress from prior year's performance and track against your goals and budget.
  • Provide detailed information to drill down on business opportunities or challenges to take timely action to make improvements.

Contact us or contact your local branch today to get more information and to sign up for this business service.