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Short-Term Fix, Long-Term Commitment

The other day, I was at a speaking engagement where I conversed with a farm family concerning the refinancing of debt. The unfortunate timing of the capital expense necessary to upgrade technology...

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Mike Goss

Dynamic Factors Affecting Land Values

Land, as an investment, has physical characteristics that distinguishes it from all other assets. Those characteristics include the following: 1. Land is unique in location. You may have heard it said...

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Kristina McAllister

Five Tips for Young and Beginning Farmers

Are you young and beginning in your career? .Whether you’re a first generation dairyman, farming in the evening after your day job, or working as an AgChoice loan officer – here are some tips to help...

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Mary Bixler

Is Leasing a Tool For You?

As the year winds down, now is the time to review your year-to-date records with your accountant to discuss tax projections and options for reducing your tax liability. One of the tools that may be an...

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Keith Walker

Leasing, Another Financing Option

No matter if you are a full- or part-time farmer, agricultural producers have a number of capital needs to make their operations successful. At AgChoice, we understand the ins and outs of farming and...

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