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Meet Board Member Chris Waddell

Chris Waddell owns and operates Apple Shamrock Farms, LLC, a 2,000-acre Crawford County farm where she and her family milk 1,000 Holstein cows and care for 875 replacements. Customer-owners voted Chris onto the AgChoice Board of Directors in 2010.

Why did you run for the AgChoice Board?

I attended an Advisory Meeting hosted by AgChoice several years ago. Management introduced the Board and I asked, ”why no women?” Next thing I know, I was asked to run! While the timing wasn’t right that year, I ran a couple years later and haven’t once regretted it. Ultimately, I ran because I believe in giving back to an organization that has served us well, and with my accounting background, it was a good fit for me.

Why vote in the Board elections? 

We are a customer-owned cooperative. Voting is your chance to be heard and decide who represents you on the AgChoice Board of Directors. Not everyone has time to serve on the Board, but everyone can take the time to vote.

Why run for the Board or the Nominating Committee?

My Board experience has been great, so I would tell others to give it serious consideration. There is a significant time commitment, but it’s time spent serving, learning and growing. We need good people of differing backgrounds to serve our organization.

Through my Board service, I’ve met pecan growers, hog farmers, citrus growers, cow calf operators, cotton growers and many more throughout the Farm Credit System. It’s always fascinating to learn about other types of agriculture from so many great people.

Fun Fact?

When we purchased our farm, there was an apple orchard across from the farm: Apple. The Waddell family has Irish ancestry: Shamrock. There were three parcels with the original purchase. Apple Shamrock Dairy Farms became our name.

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