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Looking for Land? Just Do It!

“If you’re looking for land, don’t waste time,” shared Ben Gilkey, Dover, York County, a new land owner. “Just do it! It took us four years to find our property. If we didn’t start when we did, we wouldn’t have learned what we needed when our dream property became available.” 

“Get lined up with a realtor and a lender,” he continued. “Get out there and start looking once you find your team.” 

While Ben and his wife Laura began their land search four years ago, they connected with AgChoice three years ago. “Our commercial bank recommended AgChoice because land was one of their specialties,” Ben remembered. 

“Working with AgChoice helped me understand something unfamiliar to us,” he recalled. “We never bought vacant land.”

As Ben and Laura explored various land tracts, he frequently checked in with his loan officer. “Anytime I had questions, my loan officer was well-equipped with answers,” Ben said. “She could give opinions on what she’s experienced before or, if needed, point me to others who could help us. I think it’s the benefit of working with people close to home versus the internet.” 

Ben and Laura’s land journey concluded this year when Ben’s parents noticed land for sale in Seven Valleys bordering a county park that the family frequently hikes. The 26-acre tract included 20 tillable acres and beautiful views of the surrounding hills and valley. 

“We had to act quickly,” explained Ben. “We made an offer the next day and ultimately closed at the end of August.” Because of Ben’s relationship with his loan officer, he knew what to expect with the loan process and it was “extremely smooth.” 

The only concern in the process was the appraisal. “We wondered how quickly we could get someone on site and complete it in 30 days, the seller’s request, but we met the deadline,” Ben noted. 

AgChoice mailed Ben the preliminary loan documents with email secure message for other paperwork to review. “It was convenient and perfect for us,” said Ben. “We didn’t hold anyone up with our work or family schedules.” 

A home construction project on the newly acquired land is in the future. “We are not going to rush into a house,” smiled Ben. “We’re frugal about debt, so we won’t get serious about house plans for at least a year.” 

Reflecting on the land journey, Ben’s confident he chose the right lender. “It was a great experience with AgChoice,” Ben remembered. “Everyone is really nice and I’ve been impressed, from the customer service team to the loan team.”

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