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Board Member Spotlight - Charles Ulmer

Charles Ulmer owns a grain and forage operation, farming 2,100 acres. In addition, Charles owns three dairy facilities, providing young and beginning farmers the opportunity to start a career in agriculture. We asked Charles a few questions about what inspired him to join AgChoice. Check out his answers below, and be sure to say hello at our next event!

One fun fact about your business or career:
Our seventh young dairy farmer couple is starting into business on our farm this year.

Why did you choose to work with AgChoice for your financing needs? 
In the early years, our loan was with FSA. When my wife Bonnie tried to make double payments, FSA told us “we don’t do that.” At that point, we went to AgChoice. 

Why did you decide to run for the Board of Directors? 
They needed someone to run for the Board. I didn’t want to do it. They called a second time. I said no. They called a third time and said, “We just need a name.” I lost, but I decided to run again because I like to represent the young people who are starting in their farming careers. 

How has the Cooperative changed through the years?     
Banks can’t compare to AgChoice’s level of ag expertise. That’s changed over time. 

Advice you’d share with other customer-owners considering running for the nominating committee or a board seat in the future?
You’ll gain more from your Board service than you put into it. Through Farm Credit, you’ll see things you don’t see on your own operation. I credit my service with my decision to build a free stall barn. It’s consuming, but time well spent. 

AgChoice has the pleasure of working with a dynamic Board of Directors that helps to provide strategic direction and oversight. Interested in becoming more involved with AgChoice? For more information on becoming a member of the AgChoice Board of Directors, view our Board Leadership Brochure


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