What makes AgChoice the leader in financing for rural America? Just read about our advantages to find out.

The Customer-Owner Advantage

What is provided to AgChoice customers and how it is provided is driven by customer-owner wants and needs. AgChoice has its focus on the success of the customer-owners, not in seeing how much money we can make for outside investors. Our Board of Directors, customer-owners who are elected by customer-owners, provide vision and guidance for the organization, and oversees its safety and soundness. Customer focus group meetings and surveys provide insight into customer-owner wants and needs, guiding the products and services we deliver. Your voice means something as a customer-owner at AgChoice, assuring your needs are met.

The People Advantage

The biggest difference we can make in the success of our customer-owners is in the way we customize the products and services you use, and the knowledge and expertise shared by our professional staff. The combination of our staff knowing you and your business, and the agricultural and finance industry knowledge they have, yields substantial benefit for our customer-owners. Serving agricultural and rural customers is all we do, so it is easy to have a clear focus on your needs.

The Farm Credit System Advantage

In doing business with AgChoice, you are part of the Farm Credit System, the nation’s largest rural and agricultural lender, with more than $217 billion in loans to more than a half-million borrowers. This provides many efficiencies which are passed along to you in competitive rates, and strong annual profit sharing (patronage). As a cooperative owned by its customers, we use a share of each year’s profits to capitalize the business, and send the rest of it back to customer-owners in cash. This has been roughly 20 percent of the interest paid on customers’ loans.

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