• About AgChoice
      What is AgChoice Farm Credit? What is Farm Credit? What are the benefits of AgChoice Farm Credit? Who is eligible to apply for a loan through AgChoice?
  • About Loans
      Can I pay online? Why is my full loan amount showing due on my bill? I am registered through AccountAccess but am unable to login. Why? I lost my bill. Where can I get another copy? Where can I find my interest information so that I can prepare my taxes? Is there any penalty for prepaying my loan? Can I make a payment or pay fees with a credit card? When are late fees assessed? When will my money be available? What is lock box? What is a payment application? What is the difference between principal balance and my pay-off balance? Can I write my own loan advances? Can my payment be automatically deducted from my checking account? Can I transfer funds electronically from my Line of Credit to my checking account? Can I access my loan account information via the telephone? Does AgChoice offer any type of credit cards? Does AgChoice offer any type of cash management services? What are the differences between fixed rate, adjustable rate and variable rate loans? Do I have to be within the AgChoice Farm Credit service territory to have a loan with AgChoice?
  • About Products & Services
  • About Patronage
      What is patronage? How does the Board of Directors decide how much patronage to pay? How is my patronage dividend calculated? Is my patronage distribution taxable? Why doesn't AgChoice charge a lower interest rate and eliminate patronage? What types of transactions do not qualify for patronage distributions? If I don't qualify for patronage, what are the benefits of stock investment and cooperative membership? Is my patronage dividend a guarantee?
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