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    Forest Products Executive Development Workshop

    Tuesday, September 26 8:15 AM - Tuesday, September 26 4:30 PM

    Toftree's Golf Resort, State College, PA

    The Forest Products Executive Development Workshop is a unique seminar focused on issues affecting today's forest products industry. This workshop is designed to help business owners and managers understand the concepts and skills needed to successfully implement change within their operations. It will also benefit loggers, secondary processors, owner-operators, key managers and sales personnel. You do not need to be a member of AgChoice or PFPA to attend!

    Highlights of the 2017 workshop will include:

    • Learning important business skills to make sure your operation is running on all cylinders
    • Understanding the impact that your business can have locally and across the forest products industry
    • Networking with industry peers and leaders to develop relationships and share ideas

    Featured Speakers:

    • Tom Thibodeau of Viterbo University will discuss Leading Within Your Industry, revealing insights into the heart of servant leadership and its values for leaders at all levels.

    • Judd Johnson of Hardwood Market Report will provide an update on the forest products industry. He will discuss key market trends, showing historical information as well as providing insights for the future of the industry.

    • Phil Clemens of Clemens Family Corporation will share his own experiences in working in a large family businesses and best practices for success in his presentation, What Direction is Your Business Going?

    • R. Bruce Money, Ph.D. of the Marriott School of Management with Brigham Young University will discuss Strategies for Negotiating, explaining how negotiating a successful agreement has less to do with resources and more to do with applying a simple framework.

    An industry panel discussion will be held discussing Acquisition Strategies for Forest Products Businesses. Joining the panel will be:

    • Jeff Conrad is president and founder of AgIS Capital, a Boston-based private equity firm focused on farmland and related operating companies. Jeff is a native of central Pennsylvania with a strong background in agricultural investments and includes timber in his personal portfolio.

    • Bob McCormack is with Murphy McCormack Capital Advisors, a regional investment banking firm located in Lewisburg, Pa. Bob and his team offer a variety of advisory services across many industries, including forest products.

    • Dan Mead owns Scandia Land Company, LLC, a timber investment business located in Warren, Pa. Dan also brings a diverse perspective as former president and CEO of Verizon Wireless.

     Workshop Registration:

    Please complete the attached registration form and send to Pennsylvania Forest Products Association (PFPA) via fax at 717-901-0360 or mail with your payment to: PFPA, 301 Chestnut Street, Suite 102, Harrisburg, PA 17101. Prepayment is required. Please make your check payable to “PFPA” or pay by credit card.

    For more information on this year's workshop CLICK HERE.

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