Governance Committee

The Board of Directors relies on a smaller committee to oversee the "governance" of the Association. This Governance Committee is selected by the Board and monitors our applications of laws and regulations, and assists with the development and implementation of the Association's corporate principles.

The Committee's purpose also includes review of the duties and responsibilities of directors, which includes:

  • Association guidance: corporate governance principles, code of ethics, standards of conduct, policy review
  • Board leadership: Board committee roles and responsibilities, director compensation, Board evaluations, director training
  • Election administration: coordination and assistance to the Association Nominating Committee, searches for appointed directors

For more information on the Governance Committee, visit the Governance Committee Charter.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is comprised of a minimum of six candidates per region, four delegates and two alternates. This committee serves an important role in the governance of AgChoice by choosing candidates for open Board of Director seats. As elected members, the term for the Nominating Committee is one year, with an Association policy allowing three consecutive one-year terms, a one-year break and then the option to run again.

In order for a Director candidate to be eligible, the Nominating Committee must make sure the following guidelines are met. The candidate must:

  • Be an AgChoice customer-owner
  • Have good credit quality and be in good standing
  • Own voting stock
  • Meet the age requirement

The Nominating Committee members meet to discuss possible candidate selections within their regions. Each region team reviews lists of potential Board candidates and makes choices of members to contact. The Nominating Committee considers the qualities and qualifications that are needed on the Board. After the potential candidates are selected, they are contacted and interviews and on-site visits are conducted.

If you are interested in being considered for the Nominating Committee or Board of Directors, please contact us.