Executive & Compensation Committee

The Executive & Compensation Committee is a group of directors that acts on behalf of the Board Chair, who serves as the Chair of the Committee, the Vice-Chair and two other directors elected by the Board.

The Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Review the qualities and qualifications for Board committees and recommend to the full Board individuals who best meet those qualities and qualifications for election to committees.
  • Review and counsel management on Human Resource programs and issues.
  • Review the Association's management succession plans and make recommendations to the Board regarding the plans.
  • Review Farm Credit Council policy and make recommendations to the Council.
  • Review and approve the compensation policies and plans for senior officers and employees.
  • Recommend procedures to the Board for establishing performance standards for the CEO and establish a process for reviewing with the CEO those performance standards and objectives.
  • Act as liaison between Board and management on strategic planning matters.
  • Coordinate and consolidate any responses on behalf of the Board to outside organizations, such as the Farm Credit Administration, Farm Credit Council and any other organizations as the need arises.
  • Assign additional tasks on either a one-time or continuing basis, as needed.

This Committee serves an important planning function for the Board and the Association. Proactive strategies and actions are critical to the long-term success of AgChoice. Using available resources, experience and the knowledge of the Board and staff, plans can be established to chart an appropriate course for our customers and the business.

For more information on the Executive Committee, view the Executive Committee Charter.

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