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Watch these videos from our home and land experts to learn more about the financing process. 

Land Loan Financing

Land Loan Terms: If you’re ready to start living the country life and purchase land, consider the purpose of the property and the final loan amount as you explore appropriate land loan terms.


Equity: If you’re ready to start living the country life, it’s important to understand equity.


Appraisal Basics: 


Construction Loan Financing

Construction Loan Timing: If you are ready to start living the country life by building a home, remember to start conversations with your loan officer and builder early in the process to stay on track with your costs and timelines.


Cost Overruns: Building a new home can be the most exciting, yet stressful, task you may ever complete! Consider cost overruns and expect the unexpected when planning your project budget.


Utilities: While your builder will cover a lot of the big items on your home build, completing your own research on utilities for your property ahead of time can help prevent unexpected costs and frustration down the road.


Appraisal Basics: If you are ready to start living in the country, learn more about appraisals and why they are an important factor in determining the loan amount you may qualify for.


Country Property and Farm Financing

Qualifying for Farm Credit Financing: If you want to begin or expand a farm or agriculture based business, you’ll need to be prepared with a business plan to show you’ll make it all work. We’ll share three tips that will help you qualify for a loan for your new business.



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