Field Notes

  1. Keeping Your Business Relevant! Planning for Business Growth?
    Featured Writer: Michael Hosterman, Ag Business Consultant Does your business need to grow? Yes! For businesses to remain... Read More
  2. Five Tips for People Who Owe Taxes
    Featured Writer: Angela Pecora, Farm Accounting Manager While most people receive a refund from the IRS when they file their tax... Read More
  3. Cost Overruns & Construction Loans
    Featured Writer: Sara Fenstermaker, Loan Officer Cost overruns, a common occurrence in construction loans, occur when a... Read More

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Shared Purpose Statement

AgChoice Farm Credit is.......

An Agricultural Credit Association with approximately $1.6 billion in gross loan assets. Through 10 branch offices, it provides financial and business management services to approximately 9,800 customer-owners in 52 counties in central, western and northern Pennsylvania as well as four counties in West Virginia. AgChoice Farm Credit's vision for the future is best captured in the simple nine-word Shared Purpose statement - Inspiring Growth in Our Families, Businesses and Rural Communities. While our primary focus is for loans and services in Pennsylvania's largest industry -- agriculture -- a secondary and closely related focus is to offer country home loans, forest product loans, agri-business loans and small farm loans in our rural communities. We can service all of the credit needs of the part-time and full-time farmer, as well as the mortgage credit needs of the rural homeowner. In addition, we also provide business management services from credit life insurance, consulting, accounting, record, payroll and tax services and much more! Contact us today!

Watch this video to learn more about AgChoice's Patronage Program.

Upcoming Events

  1. Pa. Timber Show - Timber 2015
    Friday, June 05, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
    PA Furnace, PA
    Trade Shows
    Timber 2015 will held June 5-6, 2015 at the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center. This show aims to put attendees “in th...
    Event Details
    Jun 5
  2. Huntingdon Youth Dairy Day
    Tuesday, June 23, 9:00 AM-2:30 PM
    Huntingdon, PA
    Community Events
    Youth Dairy Day Youth Dairy Day is a day workshop designed to educate youth that is interested in the dairy industry. When: Ju...
    Event Details
    Jun 23

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